Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2025 Bugatti Aerolithe Concept

In the year 2025, we?re hoping that we?d have a world where a car like this Bugatti design study called the ?Aerolithe Concept? would be free to roam the streets as a production vehicle. Otherwise, this would have been a waste of a perfectly awesome concept design.

The work of Coventry graduate, Douglas Hogg, for his final course project, the Aerolithe Concept is a car that takes its inspiration from the original Bugatti Aerolithe prototype that was presented at the 1935 Paris Motor Show. The prototype of the original Aerolithe Concept actually was the inspiration to Bugatti?s Atlantic 57SC, which were built with just four models.

A good 75 years after the original concept made its debut in Paris, Douglas Hogg has designed a modern interpretation of the car, complete with styling cues found in the original Aerolithe while also taking into account a lot modern ? and futuristic - design elements. According to Douglas Hogg, the design study is "a minimalist exercise in pure surfacing inspired by Ettore Bugatti?s principles of automotive design and the legacy of the original Aerolithe."

Among the notable features of the Aerolithe Concept include styling cues from the original concept car. Among them the pronounced shoulders, the split windshield and rear window, aeronautic doors that open ?split open canopy? style, and Bugatti?s trademark grille.

All told, the Aerolithe Concept is a nice piece of work by Douglas Hogg that doesn’t bring with it questionable safety features like the one found on another final project, the Saab Sports Sedan Concept. The Aerolithe Concept is definitely something that would be feasible and something we’d want to see come to life in the not so distant future of 2025.

2025 Bugatti Aerolithe Concept originally appeared on on Wednesday, 5 January 2011 17:00 EST.

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