Monday, January 10, 2011

Mitsubishi CS Design Concept

Mitsubishi Colt is a car that usually attracts no buyers. But what if the car will look like this CS Concept designed by G�bor Farkas. His work is not just a futuristic design, but a car that looks almost production ready. And it follows in almost all lines Mitsubishi’s design language.

The Mitsubishi CS Design Concept features a Lancer inspired shark nose with an aggressive body shape and an interior inspired from the Outlander Sport. "During the winter holiday I had some time to speculate and this is how I imagine a Colt successor that Mitsubishi fans could like. When designing the conceptCS, the main goal was to summon the spirit of its ancestors. The design concept revives the Colt CA (92-96) with a touch of the C50 (88-92) model at the front, wrapped in Mitsubishi’s new jet-fighter design language. The interior is similar to that of the Outlander Sport/ASX/RVR.

Mitsubishi CS Design Concept originally appeared on on Monday, 10 January 2011 23:00 EST.

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