Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Hot Summer of 'Boys, Have At It' NASCAR Highlights

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The leaves are changing, and pretty soon it will be getting dark at 5 p.m. and the holidays will be hurtling at us.

We've still got five races to go in NASCAR's Chase to the Sprint Cup championship, and four more in the Nationwide series.

But on this rather slow Wednesday at the halfway point of the Chase, we thought we'd jump back into the summer for a review of some of the highlights and lowlights of those long, sunny, hot days of June, July and August.

The 2010 season will be remembered as a year that the economic downturn hit NASCAR hard, with vast swaths of empty seats at many race tracks. Even Bristol doesn't sell out anymore.

But NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton's open invitation of "Boys, have at it" in January had its effects, too, and throughout the season, the drivers showed a far greater willingness to mix it up on the track, and the NASCAR police stood down and let 'em race.

The results include these top-five candidates below.


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