Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bugatti opens up internship program for US college students

If you wanted any more reason to enjoy college apart from the non-stop partying and binge hook-ups, the most unlikely of automakers is giving you one more reason to, shall we say, stay in school.

Bugatti, the very same ones that make the $2 million Veyron, is offering an internship program at their office in Herndon, Virginia to any interested college student. The part time internship will cover 20 hours per week where interns are tasked to perform a variety of jobs including ?coordination of press activities in cooperation with Bugatti?s public relations firm, scheduling of press cars for events, communication of planned activities to secure involvement of Bugatti dealers as necessary, and coordination of press activities with Bugatti S.A.S. priorities.?

Oh, and there?s also that part about vehicle transportation, which means that if the stars are aligned and the intern is lucky, he or she might get a chance to drive a Veyron.

If you?re interested ? and why wouldn?t you be ? you can apply for the job at the link we?re giving. Just be sure you?re in the up and up when it comes to being drug free because Bugatti is going to conduct drug testing. If you are, go ahead and apply!

Bugatti opens up internship program for US college students originally appeared on topspeed.com on Monday, 13 December 2010 23:00 EST.

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