Sunday, December 19, 2010

Radical SR3 SL

From the people that gave us the SR2 and the SRZero comes a new track-day and road-focused roadster that?s expected to be the company?s flagship model of 2011. Radical Motorsports is set to introduce their new bad boy, the SR3 SL, at the Autosport International Show on January 13th in Birmingham, England.

According to Radical Motorsports, the SR3 SL is expected to be their most advanced supercar yet. Powered by a 2,000cc Ford-RPE Ecoboost engine that produces a base output of 300 horsepower, the SR3 SL is also going to come with a brand-new turbocharged unit with Twin-Independent Variable Cam Timing and state-of-the-art, high-pressure Direct Injection that transmits its power to the road through a six-speed sequential gearbox. Best of all, the SR3 SL has been stamped with the European Small Series Type Approval, which means that it can be registered in a lot of European countries.

The roadster also weighs just 675 kg, even with full underbody aerodynamics. In addition to that, the SR3 SL also comes with an F1-style paddle-shift gear change with an auto blipper, fly-by-wire throttle, and an advanced engine management system, making this car unlike any other you?ve ever driven in your lifetime. Unless you?ve driven in Le Mans, which would make the SR3 SL the closest thing to any of those track-produced hyperbeasts.

And if you just happen to have an insatiable lust for power and speed, Radical Motorsports is offering a Race Pack for the SR3 SL that comes with added features, including an engine calibration map selection that provides ?road?, ?wet?, and ?racetrack? suitable maps, a racing bi-plane rear wing, racing tire options, and an FIA-approved fuel cell.

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