Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stoner No Regrets by "Acts of political" Honda

Stoner No Regrets by "Acts of political" Honda - Casey Stoner confirmed when he was not sorry to leave and join Ducati to Honda, though trapped in "political story" Honda. What is it?

More than three months since the Honda Racing Co. (HRC) to ensure removal Stoner, rider 24 years that just do not know will be part of the Repsol-Honda MotoGP squad. While the two Honda riders have not been reported to be released, unless Dovizioso was reported back to the satellite Gresini team.

Rumor, former world champion team of 2007 will be dealt with alone, but still with the same color as the motorcycle used Dani and Dovi.

Uniquely, Honda has not completed a competition strategy of 2011, as well as negotiations with major sponsors lubricant from Spain. Alotnya-party talks due to lubricant demand for Livio Suppo not too much care of others and change the way you handle the squad.

The definition of a political story above, may return Honda to the tactic in the era of the 1990s, which had strengthened Michael Doohan (Australia) along with Alex Criville (Spain) and Tadayuki Okada (Japan), which acts as a tester. Likewise, next year Stoner (Australia) and Dani Pedrosa (Sapnyol) and the only difference being Dovi (Italy) and not as a tester.

At that time, obviously rider status, Doohan became the spearhead of the team and Criville second rider. Now, with Stoner and Dani, Honda will face obstacles. Because, Dani carrying lubricant from his country became the main sponsor of the team.

"I'm happy if it's with the three MotoGP rider to attack the final with 800 cc engine. About three-rider desusnya was just hearsay and I do not want to have an official statement from Honda," said Stoner.


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