Friday, October 15, 2010

Wheel2Wheel: Reutimann's Actions Understandable, But Not Fair

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Do I understand why David Reutimann felt it necessary to repay Kyle Busch at Kansas?


Reutimann, still battling for respect in NASCAR despite two wins with a team still fighting to be a Chase contender, can't afford take finishes in the doldrums of the running order just because another driver lacked a bit of patience.

I understand his explanation that his No. 00 team didn't have the option of when Kyle Busch was going to wreck. I get that Reutimann -- at Kansas, a track nearly identical to the site of his last win in Chicago -- had a car under him and was looking for a prosperous day.

That's all fine. That's all dandy.

Until the tables are turned.


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