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Kevin Schwantz explains why the MotoGP arrives in Texas

Kevin Schwantz explains why the MotoGP arrives in Texas

Kevin Schwantz explains why the MotoGP arrives in Texas

Following the news about the addition of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, to the MotoGP calendar since the 2013 season, Kevin Schwantz spoke with the contract that will take ten years for the World Championship in the state that gave origins.

The former World Champion, 500 (1993) has struggled recently in an attempt to hide his enthusiasm while discussing the new facility that will host the race, which is currently under construction, and whose ultimate realization is scheduled for mid-2012.
“Having followed the development of this system from the outset, I am sincerely delighted and I think we’ll have a better outcome,” said Schwantz. “From the perspective of a pilot, which is also basically my point of view, I think will be a great track, long, challenging yet safe. It will require great strength and ability to put the pilot in command of the race.”

Schwantz’s support was crucial for the development of a path as possible suitable for motorcycle racing. In fact, he continued: “One of my closest friends here in Texas, Tavo Hellmund, is the one who set up the whole project. It is also one of three owners of the structure and in the early stages when they discussed the type of circuit, there was talk of F1 but from the point of view of safety we make sure we do nothing that would prevent us one day to bring the bikes here. ”
“When I started the design phase, I was able to attend in person. I do not work on the project every day, but I’ve taken part in some meetings with the boys of the group to make sure of the presence of escape routes for increased safety of the bikes” .
According Schwantz, the vision adopted in favor of a possible GP, provided an opportunity to the United States to increase its prestige in the circle MotoGP.

“As riders we also know how people can be excited to watch motorcycle racing. Our goal is to create an event that everyone wants to attend and that no one wants to miss. From a logistical point of view, the circuit Dister less than 10 miles from the capital, the airport midway between the city and the track. were also created many other things especially designed for the fans and to offer them an experience as rewarding as possible. ”

The work of promoting Schwantz will continue until the beginning of the season 2013. “I will do exactly as I did in the past with Laguna Seca and Indianapolis. If there be need of me while everyone else will be busy organizing the MotoGP, I’ll be happy to contribute,” he said.
“What I do is try to give our sport the recognition it deserves. At Laguna Seca we are Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson and all the other guys, and I give them a hand when needed, which will surely they, too, here in Texas. ”

“Having only 20 minutes from my school, a facility dedicated to world-class motorcycle racing, will be perfect,” he added. “From the beginning I had a clear idea of ??what would be the end result, and we have two things like that are very close here in Texas will be crucial.”

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