Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II join Cars 2 cast in animated form

When Prince William extended his hand and proposed to Kate Middleton, he probably wasn’t thinking too much about the insane merchandising opportunities that would follow such an act. It seems everyone is getting in on the royal wedding action, from Project Kahn and their Maybach 57 Wedding Commemorative down to Disney and their new vehicles in Cars 2.

In honor of Prince William and his royal family, Disney has added a few new vehicles to their lineup. Meet Prince Wheeliam, a late-model Bentley Continental, and The Queen, a vintage car sporting a classy tiara. The Queen’s vintage look was chosen by looking through archives to find the vehicles the real-life Queen actually rode in around her Coronation.

Character Art Director, Jay Shuster, said: "Specifically with The Queen’s design it took some careful stepping as we, of course, were on hallowed ground emulating a nation’s sovereign as a car. The Queen’s design in our film is inspired by the elegant lines and paint schemes of British car designs of the finest vintage."

"We spent much energy on these designs de-emphasising details such as driving lamps and grilles so that the absolute read of the characters eyes and mouth can convey with maximum clarity: allowing the car to act. Official crests and shields adorn her much in the same way they did her cars in reality. I have to say we spent weeks on perfecting the tiara she wears in our film. Our special effects then made sure each diamond had a translucency and depth to refract the light just so."

Be sure to check out Prince Wheeliam and The Queen when Cars 2 hits theaters on June 24, 2011.

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II join Cars 2 cast in animated form originally appeared on on Monday, 25 April 2011 17:00 EST.

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