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Rossi has tested the Ducati GP12 Jerez

Rossi has tested the Ducati GP12 Jerez

Rossi has tested the Ducati GP12 Jerez

The Italian was on track Friday after 11 minutes and covered a first “run” of six laps. Completed without encountering any difficulties, the first release, work is proceeding apace throughout the day at the end of which Rossi has covered 50 laps.
Vittoriano Guareschi, who Thursday had dressed the role of pilot tests followed Valentino participating in all the mini-briefing between the various outputs, along with Filippo Preziosi. Franco Battaini has instead continued testing of GP11 working on electronics and mechanics.

First impressions of Valentino
“I’m happy, I like the GP12, is a bike in my opinion the tastiest, most beautiful to drive,” said Valentino Rossi at the end of the test. “It was the first time that we took to the track and we had a bit ‘of work do, however, the engine is more beautiful, you will enjoy more and more fun, make some nice stringers. It ‘s the bike that will drive next year and it was important, and beautiful, be the first time I went to the track ” .

The comment from Filippo Preziosi
“We chose to ride the bike since the first release of our riders because we think that their feedback is essential to take the right path to development from the outset, said Filippo Preziosi.” Being able to work with Vale for a day whole is the best technician can ask. We have collected many indications that activity will translate into further design and development of the bike next year. The good thing is that the technical choices made for the GP12 in the initial planning stage in 2010 I am referring especially to the engine, always big bang, and at the rear, have been endorsed by Valentino. This is a matter of great satisfaction and makes us optimistic for the work that remains to be done. We know that our competitors are working hard and developing their 2012 bikes but this pushes us to work even harder and makes the challenge more beautiful. “

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